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e-Clip Solutions evolved from a digital technology outfit that began with information and multimedia production interests.

From a business perspective, for the last 10 years, we have provided emerging IT solutions to help business organizations and individuals achieve their production objectives. We have been an integral part helping our partners and client reach their business targets. Our ability to deliver sound solutions as well as quality service to local businesses that range from hospitality to non-profit entities, has maintained our presence.


Something that excels, is relevant and endures…..

Central to our philosophy is that we leverage the excellence in the technology landscape that is available to us, and determine suitable solutions based on your organization’s requirements.

Because we have a unique relationship-based view of your company, we will not sell anything for the sake of doing so. Not all the latest marketplace solutions are relevant or even the right fit, so we will often advise our customers to wait, or choose an alternative strategy rather than force unnecessary changes.

Experience tells us, that this is the key to the success of long lasting partnerships, as we have learned it is only through our conscious commitment to your properly evaluate your business IT needs that can we understand your unique requirements and deliver solutions that work.


Your business may be facing IT challenges. You may be looking for a technology provider who can manage IT support for your business. Or perhaps you are looking to refresh your network, upgrade your servers. You simply are interested in using latest solutions to solve a business problem.

Whatever your data and networking needs are, we can help provide support and technology advice to meet your challenges:

– Helpdesk Support
– Data Protection and Security including compliance
– Cloud solutions, including Backups and Antivirus
– Network administration and assessment, including availability and problem detection
– Technology planning and design services
– Centralized asset management and standardization